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ION Investigations is an Orlando Private Investigation firm that is committed to providing the finest possible investigative services to our clients. We provide our services to the insurance, corporate/government, and individual/domestic sectors. Your case file will be managed personally by the owner of the company, guaranteeing its high priority status.

Agents You Can Trust

The president of ION Investigations cares deeply about his clients. That is why he personally manages all of the case files. He works closely with the clients and investigators to insure that all investigative efforts are conducted at the optimal time to document compromising activities conducted by the subject of the investigation.

Cheating Husband Orlando

We Catch Cheating Husbands in Orlando

If you suspect you have a cheating husband, we want to catch your cheating husband in the act. Whether you simply have suspicions, or just need hard evidence to prove what you already know, ION Investigations is ready to take on your case with tact and thoroughness.


To catch a cheating husband we conduct investigations secretly, discretely, and the evidence we collect is held in the strictest confidence to protect you and your family. All our findings are documented for you alone, to help you make the important decisions required in the situation of an cheating spouce.

What we need before we start

We will need a photo of your spouce, a description of his vehicle, license plate number, home and work address. It helps if you are able to give us times when you suspect the affair may be occurring.

What to expect

Our goal is to provide you with photo and video documentation that will confirm your suspicions, if they are valid. To capture this evidence we need to be watching when the cheating occurs. The amount of time it takes us to get the evidence will depend on the frequency of the cheating.

Quality Service

We care deeply about our clients, and the president of ION Investigations personally manages every case files. He works closely with clients and investigators to insure that all investigative efforts are conducted at the optimal time to record compromising activities in a cost-effective manner.
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